The vineyards of Alsace lie between the River Rhine to the east and the Vosges Mountains to the west, an area of great strategic importance to both France and Germany which explains why these lands have been fought over plenty and changed hands many times through the centuries.  Architecturally and culturally speaking, visitors today will find abundant influences from both countries, there is a strong medieval feel to the half-timbered villages and many ruined castles poised on the hilltops, and a good part of the local population still even speak the Alsatien dialect.

The wines are predominantly single varietals and over 90% are white.  The land under vine is hilly and the best vineyard sites are often so steeply raked as to be unworkable by machine.  Such gradients allow every vine to be exposed to the sun and this ensures maximum ripening even at these northerly latitudes, and wines of great intensity.  From the driest Rieslings to the sweetest vendanges tardives, the range of wines is impressive although sadly many wine drinkers may still be unfamiliar with them.  The distinctive flute shaped bottle and the often old-fashioned Germanic labels might put some people off but they will miss out on some great value for money vinous surprises.

Our Alsace Selection

Gewurztraminer, Dom du Stierkopf, Alsace blanc 2012
Pinot Blanc, Dom du Stierkopf, Alsace blanc 2014
Pinot Gris, Dom du Stierkopf, Alsace blanc 2014
Riesling, Dom du Stierkopf, Alsace blanc 2014