Bordeaux Rosé

Like any other wine growing region, Bordeaux has responded enthusiastically to the global surge in demand for all manner of rosé wines over the last decade or so.  Whether it is just a passing fashion, or perhaps a confirmation of warmer, earlier summers due to global warming, consumers in most countries cannot get enough of pink wine.

There are two main ways of making rosé wines, by pressing black grapes to extract minimal colour, or by draining off, or “bleeding”, the juice early on in the red wine making process to a lighter coloured wine.  The latter is almost always darker and fruitier, and this is how it is done in Bordeaux mainly because the black grapes they have – Cabernets and Merlot – would not be suitable for the pressing method.

Some Bordeaux rosés have performed extremely well in a raft of international tastings and competitions that have been organised recently to reinforce the growing market for rosé.  Many Grand Cru Classé châteaux have been only too happy to create a rosé label as they have been bleeding their tanks for years to increase concentration of their red wines, and this gives them the opportunity to sell the run-off under their own name and make (even) more money!

Our Bordeaux Rosé Selection

Château Fayau, Bordeaux rosé, 2016iconePdf
Château Réaut, Bordeaux rosé, 2015iconePdf