Bordeaux Rouge

This is the basic AOC of the Bordeaux region, and any red wine produced across this entire 100,000 hectare spread of land will be labelled as Appellation Bordeaux Contrôlée unless it has a claim to a higher level of AOC by dint of its quality or geographical location.  The majority of these wines come from the Right Bank of the Garonne, both to the north and south of the Dordogne, and are Merlot-based blends made in a fruit-forward style for early drinking.

The key to making a living from AOC Bordeaux is producing volume, reducing the per-bottle costs.  The market is dominated by a handful of cooperatives and the a number of large négociant businesses that blend their branded wines to a consistent taste standard, but this doesn’t mean that excellent quality wines are not to be found as well.  We have searched endlessly for reliable, family-owned partners to complete this important end of the range and we believe you will find the results convincing.

Our Bordeaux Rouge Selection

Château Fayau, Bordeaux rouge, 2015 iconePdf