Château Ferrand

AOC Pomerol

Château Ferrand lies on the southern end of the Pomerol plateau, where it slopes almost unnoticed into neighbouring St Emilion AOC.  This part of the appellation is known for its sandy terroir and smooth, rounder style wines.  Take a look at the photo below to see just how fine and delicate the soils are, light to the touch, and this translates directly through to the elegance of the wine itself.

The property covers 12 hectares and has belonged to the Gasparoux family since 1934.  The size of the vineyard is considerable for this small AOC (only 800ha in total), where it is rare to have more than 10 hectares and the average is considerably lower than that.  Well-managed and meticulously maintained, Ferrand offers something hard to find in Pomerol: a consistent, reliable and appealing style of wine which is ready to drink a few years after the harvest, at an affordable price.  (Pricing is relative, Pomerol being of course one of the most expensive appellations in France.)

The wines are rich in Cabernet Franc, at roughly 40% with the balance being Merlot.  This variety does very well at this end of the plateau and offers a point of interest to the flavour profile of the wine.  Harvesting is manual, vinification processes are traditional using mainly stainless steel with oe or two smaller wooden fermentation vats, and the wines get 18 months in French oak, with roughly a third of the barrels being new each year.

Until quite recently we were offering a wider range of vintages from Château Ferrand, but with the demand for Pomerol constantly growing, the older vintages have now disappeared.  This should not cause problems though as the wines are approachable in their youth with well-worked, smooth tannins and plenty of vibrant fruit, and all the vintages currently on offer are ready, or very nearly ready, for drinking.



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