This AOC mostly for varietal Cabernet Franc red wines lies in the Touraine part of the Loire Valley, covering about 1,900 ha on the Left Bank along the Vienne River.  Two distinct styles of Chinon are produced, one being lighter from sand and gravel vineyards by the river, and the other being more substantial and structured from the south-facing slopes and hilltop plateau around Cravant-les-Côteaux and Beaumont.

The Cabernet Franc grape deserves to stand alone, as it does in other regions around the world, and has plenty of fruit and tannin to produce fully flavoured wines albeit within a light to medium-bodied range, and it also benefits from ample acidity to refresh and even to age in the bottle in some cases.

Chinon is traditionally the drink of the French and has not yet experienced its moment in the international limelight, but it could well come: while much of the production has historically been bought up and blended by large merchant businesses, there are enough small producers doing interesting work in their vineyards and cellars to attract far more attention from curious drinkers of quality wine.

Our Chinon Selection

Messanges Rouge, Dom de Pallus, Chinon, 2016iconePdf
Les Pensées, Dom de Pallus, Chinon, 2014iconePdf
Grand Vin, Dom de Pallus, Chinon, 2013iconePdf