Domaine du Stierkopf

AOC Alsace

Alsace is the most northerly of France’s major wine regions and the only one to label its wines by their grape variety.  It has also changed hands between Germany and France several times through history, hence the rather Germanic place names.  Best known for its white wines, ranging from bone dry to very sweet, some fine, lighter-styled red wines are also made here.

This property is part of the Vertuvin group of wineries, representing many of France’s great wine regions, each one owned and managed by ESAT charities. These offer work to local mentally handicapped people within a protected environment, overseen by experienced industry professionals and dedicated care staff. By undertaking all the usual activities associated with wine production, from pruning to packaging, workers gain a variety of experiences and an invaluable sense of accomplishment, leading to a richer quality of life.

Pierre Hoerter, who leads the management team at Stierkopf, has been instrumental in the creation of Club VertuVin, and has also led the way in other projects across France which promote sustainable development in the community and the environment.

An ancient vineyard originally planted over 1,000 years ago, Stierkopf was once an enormous estate belonging to the Bishop of Strasbourg and covering over 200 hectares.  It was divided up over the centuries but in recent years, since being acquired by the ESAT of Molsheim, it has once more begun to grow in size.

The south-facing slopes are so steep that it is almost impossible to use machinery in the vineyards, which makes for plenty of hard manual work.  Every ounce of sunshine counts here, and the grapes often hang on the vines late into the autumn to achieve maximum ripeness, the extreme crispness of the wine reflecting this tension between man and nature.

We offer a thrilling range of wines, from the spicy, complex Gewurztraminer which has matured and developed depth in the bottle, to the distinctive zingy crispness of the Riesling, one of the most popular white grape varieties for many wine lovers today.



Gewurztraminer, Dom du Stierkopf, Alsace blanc 2012iconePdf
Pinot Blanc, Dom du Stierkopf, Alsace blanc 2014iconePdf
Pinot Gris, Dom du Stierkopf, Alsace blanc 2014iconePdf
Riesling, Dom du Stierkopf, Alsace blanc 2014iconePdf