Haut Médoc

Taken together, the two AOCs of Médoc and Haut Médoc cover an impressive 10,000+ ha, or roughly 10% of the whole Bordeaux region.  Red wines based on Cabernet Sauvignon are de rigueur here, with a little more rosé being made nowadays (mainly to concentrate the reds), while white wines can be found if you look but are strictly negligible.

These are the value offerings of the Médoc peninsula which runs north from the suburbs of Bordeaux city pretty much until the land runs out at Le Verdon, where the Gironde estuary meets the Atlantic.  The Haut, meaning “high” in French, refers to the slight elevation of the southern part of the peninsula compared to the northern end where the land is close to sea level.  The vineyards lie along a strip where the soils are perfectly adapted to vine growing, between the alluvial pallus along the estuary and the sandy, salty lands towards the ocean.  The geology tells the story of successive eras of mountain rocks brought from the Pyrenees by the Garonne River and from the Massif Central by the Dordogne, broken down along the way into gravels of different sizes and deposited layer upon layer to form an oversized spit extending 100km out into the Atlantic.

Vines are interspersed with other forms of agriculture, mainly maize and livestock, where the soils are richer, but in general the land offers little attractions except to lovers of wine and deserted sandy beaches.  Some of the best-known French AOCs lie along the way, Margaux, Saint Julien and Pauillac nestle amongst the more humble estates of the Médoc, but our interest here is for very well-made, affordable wines for everyday drinking.  As in the Graves appellation to the south, larger vineyards and higher volumes allow the better producers to reduce unit costs and by a concerted process of selection we believe we can bring you outstanding value for money from the most praised wine area on the planet.

Our Haut Médoc Selection

Château de Villambis, Haut Médoc Cru Bourgeois, 2009iconePdf
Château de Villambis, Haut Médoc Cru Bourgeois, 2011iconePdf
Château de Villambis, Haut Médoc Cru Bourgeois, 2012iconePdf