IGP Vaucluse

Lying at the northern end of Provence, beyond the Lubéron Mountains, and to the east of the River Rhône where its valley spreads broadly around Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the Vaucluse department is a land of sunshine, and its vineyard a source of rich and vibrant flavours.  It’s also a land of great historical importance, its capital being Avignon, city of the Popes.  One fifth of the wines produced under this denomination are whites, the remainder being equally split between reds and rosés.

(The IGP denomination refers to the level of wine formerly known as Vin de Pays, above Vin de Table and below Appellation Contrôlée.  It is also commonly used by producers of AOC wine for that part of their production that lies outside the AOC limits, where yields are too high for AOC, or where they are using grape varieties not allowed by the AOC.)

Our IGP Vaucluse Selection

Chêne Bleu, Héloïse, IGP Vaucluse, 2010iconePdf
Chêne Bleu, Aliot, IGP Vaucluse, 2013iconePdf
Chêne Bleu, Viognier, IGP Vaucluse, 2015iconePdf
Chêne Bleu, Rosé, IGP Vaucluse, 2016iconePdf