Jean Médeville & Fils

Various Bordeaux AOC’s

The Médeville family have holdings across a number of appellations and their base is in the town of Cadillac, on the Garonne River south of Bordeaux city.  The wine business was established in 1826 and with a little help along the way from other business activities (like banking) the estate has grown now to include châteaux in Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, Entre Deux Mers, Cadillac, Graves and Sauternes.  From a vineyard of 180 ha they produce over a million bottles each year.

With all this experience the wines are reassuringly good across the board, and the family retains a refreshing clarity about the needs of their business partners to ensure sensible pricing.

Quality remains at the heart of what the Médevilles strive for, and recent moves towards more environmentally-aware methods of winemaking have seen the business acquire ISO 14001 certification for their Environment Management Systems.

A comprehensive range of wine colours and styles from a dependable single source is what many retailers and wholesalers need from Bordeaux, a region so vast that it can be confusing and difficult to manage efficiently.  We are confident that you will find the right wines to form the base of your Bordeaux range, at prices that work.




Château Fayau, Bordeaux blanc, 2015iconePdf
Château Fayau, Bordeaux rosé, 2016iconePdf
Château Fayau, Bordeaux rouge, 2015iconePdf
Château du Juge, Bordeaux supérieur,  2015iconePdf
 Château Boyrein, Graves blanc, 2015iconePdf
Château Boyrein, Graves rouge, 2015iconePdf
Château Peyreblanque, Graves blanc, 2015iconePdf
Château Peyreblanque, Graves rouge, 2015iconePdf
Château Fayau, Cadillac, 2011iconePdf
Château Barbier, Sauternes, 2007iconePdf



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