For many the very pinnacle of Fine Wine, this Médoc appellation is home to no less than three of the five estates classified as First Growths in 1855.  A port on the Gironde estuary some 50km north of Bordeaux city gives its name to the AOC which comprises 1,200 ha of surrounding vineyards where Cabernet Sauvignon is blended with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot to produce wines of great power and elegance.

The ancient gravels upon which the appellation rests are the perfect soil for growing vines; they are deep (some mounds rise to all of 30m above sea-level) and well-drained so the plants are forced to thrust their roots ever deeper to search for moisture, the large pebbles allow them to pass easily, and the rocky purity of the gravels imparts a focused minerality to the fruit.

As summer ebbs, away the stony vineyards retain a maximum of their heat and proximity to the estuary and the ocean ensure that the early autumn nights will dip in temperature only gradually, allowing extended periods of fruit maturation compared say, to St Emilion on the Right Bank, where the grape harvest happens a fortnight or so earlier.  This ensures freshness in the fruit from increased acidity, and the development of finer nuances in the character of the fruit, all crucial ingredients for making the finest wine.

Our Pauillac Selection

Domaine Les Sadons, Pauillac, 2014iconePdf
Domaine Les Sadons, Pauillac, 2015iconePdf