This is the finest address within the Graves region, one step up in quality and price.  Known for its red and white wines, and above all for its dense concentration of Classified Growth or Cru Classé estates.  The name derives from two neighbouring villages, or communes, who joined forces in 1987 to underline the pre-eminence of their wines.  Literally adjacent to the city of Bordeaux, several of the appellation’s estates (for example, Haut Brion, Pape Clément and Carmes Haut Brion) actually lie within the metropolis, surrounded by housing and the university campus.

The soils are consistently gravelly with some vineyards featuring sedimentary limestone subsoils, and the influence of the Garonne River and the Landes forest plays less of a distinguishing role here as it does in the wider Graves AOC to the south.

Being on the Left Bank, Cabernet Sauvignon is the predominant red wine grape planted across the appellation, but some wines contain a high proportion of Merlot, which gives them a more supple and immediately satisfying fruit profile.  For the whites Sauvignons (both Blanc and Gris) are winning nowadays over Sémillon, with producers seeking to offer crisp aromatic whites.  Oak ageing brings extra structure and complexity to reds and whites alike and quality is a watch word, in line with this being one of France’s finest AOC’s.

Our Pessac-Léognan Selection

Pessac-Léognan Blanc

Château d’Eck, Pessac-Léognan blanc, 2014iconePdf
Château d’Eck, Pessac-Léognan blanc, 2015iconePdf

Pessac-Léognan Rouge

Château Sainte Eugène, Pessac-Léognan rouge, 2012iconePdf
Château Sainte Eugène, Pessac-Léognan rouge, 2013iconePdf
Château Sainte Eugène, Pessac-Léognan rouge, 2014iconePdf
Château d’Eck, Pessac-Léognan rouge, 2012iconePdf
Château d’Eck, Pessac-Léognan rouge, 2013iconePdf
Château d’Eck, Pessac-Léognan rouge, 2014iconePdf
Château Léognan, Pessac-Léognan rouge, 2011iconePdf
Château Léognan, Pessac-Léognan rouge, 2012iconePdf
Château Léognan, Pessac-Léognan rouge, 2013iconePdf