For many wine lovers Pomerol competes only with Pauillac or perhaps the Grand Cru climats of the Côte de Nuits as the greatest source of Fine Wine on the planet.  Barely 800 ha squeezed between the city of Libourne and the St Emilion vineyard, Pomerol is also the spiritual home of Merlot.

Legendary names abound, especially in the so-called “Golden Triangle” at the heart of the tiny appellation: L’Evangile, Vieux Château Certan, L’Eglise Clinet, La Conseillante, Lafleur and, of course, Pétrus.  A hectare of vines here will cost you several millions of euros, supposing you can find somebody foolish enough to sell, and for that reason the average size of a vineyard estate is tiny, around two hectares.  These “gardens” are tended meticulously, the vines clipped and beautiful, and for many vignerons the yields at harvest time are way below the regional average, to ensure the best possible quality.

A few names spring to mind here: the Moueix family of Pétrus and Trotanoy fame, the Thienpont family whose micro-château Le Pin caused a huge stir in the 1980’s by garnering 100/100 from Robert Parker as a complete newcomer, and the Rothschilds, who are one of the few outsiders to have established themselves in this recherché microcosm.

Free from any system of classification (although, bizarrely, one was instigated by the Vichy government in 1943 but rescinded immediately following the end of the war), the finest wines of Pomerol are decided only by their true quality – and by the power of marketing!

Our Pomerol Selection

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Château Chêne Liège, Pomerol, 2015iconePdf
Château Ferrand, Pomerol, 2013iconePdf
Château Ferrand, Pomerol, 2014iconePdf
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