Rías Baixas

This is one of Spain’s most talked-about regions, with the considerable popularity of the wildly aromatic Albariño grape to thank for it.  We are in Galicia in the northwest, right on the border with Portugal; a number of sectors make up the DO, spread out between the Atlantic coast and the low-lying sea inlets fed by this rainy region’s many rivers.  The climate is temperate and a little too damp to support the level of tourism that other parts of Spain are accustomed to, but the rocky, granite hillsides are perfect for this grape which is grown on pagodas to ensure maximum canopy exposure, so boosting sugar levels in the grapes, which themselves hang below at head height for easy harvesting.

 Our Rías Baixas Selection

Albariño Pedra Blanca, Bodega Remesal, Rías Baixas, 2016iconePdf