St Emilion

This large and celebrated AOC on Bordeaux’s Right Bank is home to smooth and powerful red wines made from Merlot, blended often with Cabernet Franc and sometimes Cabernet Sauvignon.  The historic village at the centre of the appellation, a few kilometres north of the Dordogne River, owes its name to a medieval hermit although the area had been settled and wine had been produced for centuries beforehand.  The area offers three distinct soil types, the sandy expanse near the river, the limestone côteaux, or escarpment, around the village where the very best vineyards are sited, and the limestone plateau beyond.

A classification system was instigated in 1955 and was in theory to be renewed every ten years.  Two properties were originally rated in the top category, Premier Grand Cru Classé “A”, Château Ausone and Cheval Blanc, and these were joined in 2012 by Angélus and Pavie.  Other levels are, in order, Premier Grand Cru Classé “B”, and Grand Cru Classé, with a separate recognition of St Emilion Grand Cru applied to a far greater number but outside the classification itself.

Our St Emilion Selection

Château Beynat, cuvée Terre Amoureuse, St Emilion, 2014iconePdf
Château Beynat, cuvée Terre Amoureuse, St Emilion, 2015iconePdf