Vignobles Belloc

AOC Graves and Sauternes

The Graves appellation is a rich seam for those looking for great value red and white Bordeaux.  It lies south of the city, the southern extension of the Médoc peninsula in geological terms, and offers a range of gravel and limestone terroirs with heavy Atlantic influence, all at little more than sea-level.  There is a vast range of quality to sift through in the expansive AOC and we have spent the last few years doing just that.  We look for wines with pure fruit, depth, elegance and personality, and Vignobles Belloc are happy to oblige.

Further south, at the bottom of the Graves AOC, Sauternes is the most celebrated of Bordeaux’s sweet wine appellations and, although it still demands the highest prices, the area is reassessing its position faced with a market that has fallen out of love with dessert wines.  Selling unclassified Sauternes is more challenging than ever and many vineyards are being converted or even totally replanted to produce dry white wines.  A well-made, good value botrytised pudding wine remains a very special experience, though, and one well worth holding on to, so in this tough commercial environment it is vital that your selection is rigorous and reliable.

Jean-Noel Belloc’s estates include Château Brondelle in the Graves and Château Fontaine in Sauternes, both of which feature in our range, as well as properties in Pessac-Léognan and across the Garonne River in Bordeaux Supérieur which do not.  The offerings below represent some of the more modern, flashy and vibrant wines in our Bordeaux selection, bound to impress those who have become accustomed to the iridescent flavours of New World styles, but they are shot through with a very tangible minerality and statement of place that connects them with these distinctive terroirs.  The Classic Graves labels are fruit-forward, the Grand Vin labels have had time in French oak and have added depth and class.  Show these to sceptics who say that Bordeaux doesn’t have fruit…and watch their reaction!


Château Brondelle, Classic, Graves blanc, 2015iconePdf
Château Brondelle, Grand Vin, Graves blanc, 2012iconePdf
Château Brondelle, Classic, Graves rouge, 2012iconePdf
Château Brondelle, Grand Vin, Graves rouge, 2011iconePdf
Château Fontaine, Sauternes, 2010iconePdf
Château Fontaine, Sauternes, 2011iconePdf